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I am Christopher Bledsoe a Certified Swimming Instructor, I have taught 100s of students ranging from Infants, teens, adults and specialize in special needs students of all ages. I am also fluent in American Sign Language and teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students of all ages. I have never missed a day of work and have never been late for a swim class ever.


I trained with Terry Laughlin and the Total Immersion Team. Total Immersion is a popular swimming technique with infants, teens, adult learners and triathletes because of its systematic progression of skills. This approach is beneficial to infants, entry-level swimmers, triathletes, distance swimmers, and those who swim for exercise and health. Total Immersion and its swim method has been featured in the New York Times, Mens Health Magazine, Active Network, MORE, Triathelete, US Master’s Swimming, Crossfit and more.




Aquatics Director

Very Skilled Special Needs Swim Instructor

Licensed University Swim Lessons Instructor

Licensed University Swim Lessons Trainer

Proud Member US Swim Masters

American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor

American Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor

American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard

American Red Cross Certified CPR and First Aid

American Red Cross Certified Pro Rescuers, Responding to Emergencies and First Aid

American Red Cross Training Facility

American Sign Language Interpreter and Sign Language Swim Instructor



Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Swimmers. All ages: Toddler, Children, Preteen, Teenagers, and Adults. Alleviating Swim Fears Drill, The Best Survival Technique in the Industry, Floating, Breath Control, Blowing Bubbles, Underwater Swimming, Flip Turns, Stroke Techniques: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. Swim Practice Drills, Proper Kicking and Core Structure. Expert with Special Needs students of all Ages and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students of all ages. Outstanding References are available upon request.





Assistant Aquatics Director

Joshua Burt

Hi my name is Josh, and quite simply I love the water. I was born and raised in Kingston and lived only 5 mins away from the local YMCA being so close to the Y my parents had me in swim lessons at a very young age. I was 4 when I started swim lessons the lessons where tons of fun  and I learned so much. When I turned 14 I began teaching lessons and I haven’t stopped since... and don’t plan to stop. I’m now 21 years old married to my amazing wife Allysa and looking to continue to teach others this wonderful thing called swimming. 



Dan Reilly

Dan Reilly is one of the best Swim Instructors and Lifeguards any swim company could have on their team. He provides outstanding customer service, goes above and beyond his duties and makes sure all patrons are safe and ready for each class. You can’t attend a swim class without Dan taking the time to greet each kid and parent. Dan is certainly a fan favorite at Swimming Past the Boundaries.


As a Waterfront Director and BSA Aquatics Instructor Dan has provided a safe and quality Aquatic & Camp experience for over 1 year of service. His core values: honesty, respect, responsibility and caring for each individual are in alignment with Swimming Past the Boundaries high standards of excellency. 


Dan is utilizing his years of experience as a well trusted Camp Director, Swimming Instructor, Certified Boy Scouts of America Lifeguard, American Red Cross Certified CPR/First Aid and Certified American Red Cross Lifeguard experience to teach Swimming Past the Boundaries’ very diverse and robust swim students. We welcome Dan to our team and he can’t wait to have the privilege to teach you and your family the wonderful Lifesaving Skill of Swimming Past the Boundaries.







Allysa Manzi

Allysa is back by popular demand, he was an original instructor at the facility and many students love him and was happy to know that SPB hired him for our swim company. With years of experience in leading swim classes for students of various skill levels, he possess the comprehensive skill set and hands-on understanding necessary to affect positive, overreaching outcomes in his role. His dedication to safety rules and procedures for swimmers has resulted in Allysa being a well sought after swimming instructor. He is a certified Lifeguard and is responsible for the coordination, education, and safety of 10-20 children on a given day.

She has noted swimming levels of students, developed lesson plans, conducted swimming lessons, and performed weekly evaluations to determine progress and swim meet placement. He teaches each student life saving techniques for themselves and others. Most importantly he successfully interacts in a diverse environment, maintaines a professional demeanor, and establishes a good relationship with the students, parents, and coaching staff. We are happy to have him on board.


Joseph Pica


Joseph has a long track record of early childhood education, he has ample experience in swim camps and after-school programs. Joseph has a strong following in the aquatics world and is very well sought after.  As a very well-respected worker at the Town of Washington Recreation Department, Emily is much obliged to bring her years of aquatic experience to Swimming Past the Boundaries. He has taught infant, pre-teen, teens and adults. He has extensive experience in competitive swim training and she is excited to join our team. Joseph is a Certified Swimming Instructor and American Red Cross Lifeguard.

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