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Here is what others are saying about my Aqua Yoga Classes


M Metzger

The warm water made this class a comforting way to spend an hour in a friendly class with Christopher. A passionate and supportive teacher, Christopher made each participant feel comfortable regardless of her yoga experience. I appreciated the minimal stress on my joints thanks to the water's buoyancy. A good addition to my self care!

Sent from Warm Water Yoga

Thank you for a lovely first class! I look forward to more when I return in December. Warmly, M Metzger


Warm Water Yoga Class Testimonials

From the moment I enter the pool, which is the temperature of a warm bath, my body is relaxed and the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off my joints so I'm ready to workout.  Christopher runs through a series of breathing exercises and warm ups and then we work on the poses - a challenge to ones balance in the water, but so much gentler on the body.  The class is equal parts fun and therapeutic.  Highly recommend taking a class with Christopher. You'll leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.  And, maybe make some new friends in the process.


K  Simmons


I'm enjoying it a lot!

I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next meet up.

Josie M

It was a fun relaxing class , can’t wait for the next one!

Stacey King

Mary J

Nice comfortable environment, step by step process.

Ingrid S

Very relaxing,interesting experience. will go back again.

Group Classes $20 Per Person 30 Min Class


New Schedule and Location Coming Soon!

What Is Aqua Yoga?

  • In simple terms, aqua yoga is practice to perform the normal yoga poses in the bouncing, soothing and flourishing waters of the pool! It is one of the pleasing ways to perform yoga and make your body super stretchy!

  • Aqua yoga is an amazing set of yoga poses which you can perform in water and build, strength and flexibility! It may seem very tough to balance your body in water but while performing yoga sessions, your joints would support your workout with a bouncy effect and you can easily perform the yoga poses!

  • There are various yoga poses, breathing techniques, and sun salutations etc which are performed in water to extract some magical benefits!

Thus, water yoga is one of the trending and refreshing ways to perform yoga and stay healthy!


What Are The Benefits Of Aqua Yoga?

  • The feeling of being light and low weight is actually a dream of every girl which you can feel in the water while doing aqua yoga. Apart from this, aqua yoga has some amazing benefits which would make you perform it now!

  • Aqua yoga is actually a set of low-intensity workouts which would sooth and calm your muscles.

  • If you are looking forward to performing the weight loss training, strength training, weight lifting etc, you can try aqua yoga as a supporting process!

  • Aqua/water yoga helps in loosening your stiff muscles and fills your body with extreme flexibility!

  • You can enhance your strength and feel ready for your hardcore workout with this soothing exercise!

  • If you have balancing issues or want to improve your balance, go for this amazing option as, the balancing act in water improves your balance!

  • Also, if you are a dancer, this option would help you keep your toes pointed and maintain alignments during dance!

  • People suffering from joint pain can perform this awesome yoga variation which can simply reduce joint pain and also this relieves arthritis pain! (I know this as my mother is suffering from arthritis, and she has a great time after some water yoga poses!

  • Your body weights extremely low in the water as well you can move and stretch easily in the water and thus, your muscles can sooth. This allows you to perform the yoga easily!

Why Is Aqua Yoga An Inner Peace Enhancer?

  • This is another level of benefits which you can grab from this trending workout option! It does not make you healthy physically but also it helps in strengthening your mind!

  • People with different issues like extreme stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc have achieved pace and stability through this exceptionally awesome yoga variation!

  • Connect yourself from spirituality and the water element with these poses. This amazing practice would help you to improve your eyes, skin, ears, nose and tongue which are the basic senses!

  • If you know about the element, the water element is the one which promotes calming, soothing and healing sensation. This water element also is associated to the chakras in our body which regulates emotions!

  • This powerful element can regulate your senses and emotions and thus, it would help you to calm, relax and feel extremely relaxed! This is the reason why aqua yoga helps in relieving depression, stress and such conditions!

  • Whenever you feel low or depressed, try jumping in a swimming pool and perform some aqua yoga poses to feel super relaxed!

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