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I am Christopher Bledsoe a Certified Swimming Instructor, I have taught 100s of students ranging from Infants, teens, adults and specialize in special needs students of all ages. I am also fluent in American Sign Language and teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students of all ages. I have never missed a day of work and have never been late for a swim class ever.


I trained with Terry Laughlin and the Total Immersion Team. Total Immersion is a popular swimming technique with infants, teens, adult learners and triathletes because of its systematic progression of skills. This approach is beneficial to infants, entry-level swimmers, triathletes, distance swimmers, and those who swim for exercise and health. Total Immersion and its swim method has been featured in the New York Times, Mens Health Magazine, Active Network, MORE, Triathelete, US Master’s Swimming, Crossfit and more.




Aquatics Director

Very Skilled Special Needs Swim Instructor

Licensed University Swim Lessons Instructor

Licensed University Swim Lessons Trainer

Proud Member US Swim Masters

American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor

American Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor

American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard

American Red Cross Certified CPR and First Aid

American Red Cross Certified Pro Rescuers, Responding to Emergencies and First Aid

American Red Cross Training Facility

American Sign Language Interpreter and Sign Language Swim Instructor



Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Swimmers. All ages: Toddler, Children, Preteen, Teenagers, and Adults. Alleviating Swim Fears Drill, The Best Survival Technique in the Industry, Floating, Breath Control, Blowing Bubbles, Underwater Swimming, Flip Turns, Stroke Techniques: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. Swim Practice Drills, Proper Kicking and Core Structure. Expert with Special Needs students of all Ages and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students of all ages. Outstanding References are available upon request.

Bledsoe Pic
Bledsoe Pic

Instructor Christopher Bledsoe


Swim Glide


Swim Skate


Freestyle Effortless Swim

I teach private lessons only and in home private lessons contact us for more details.

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