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Here is what students are saying about Swimming Past Boundaries

Our huge success story!

Swimming Past The Boundaries, Behind the scenes, A Parents View

Let’s face it, we have all been there as parents of children that have learning specific needs. Weather these needs are due to disability’s or abilities that may be physical, intellectual,  emotional, social, etc. the list goes on and on, we as parents and educators are tasked with finding the best approaches to suit the needs of our children.  Sometimes even due to our best intentions our interventions may not work out the way we planned.  This can be disappointing to say the least.  With that being said, as our beautiful children grow we continue to try to do our best in helping them achieve their goals, hopes, and dreams.  Taking one day at a time, and smiling through each milestone, let’s face it we are there every step of the way.  We want others to see the potential, and wonderful abilities that each and every child can achieve, and we strive for a positive learning experience them. Luckily, and just in time for my son, I stumbled upon Swimming Past the Boundaries which has done just that, and now I look at the wonderful new ability my son has for a new life saving skill, he has learned to swim, and I as his mother, could not be more proud of him. 

       Swimming Past the Boundaries expert, and master level swimmer Christoper Bledsoe and his team have taught my son such a wonderful gift.  The ability to swim without fear, or judgement, which has been both safe, and highly effective for my child.  I am here to tell you just how wonderful, caring, and patient they have been with my son, and many other children of all abilities. 

     I am extremely proud of my 9 year old son Evan and his great success story, and feel compelled to share it. My Evan has faced quite the struggle through the years having to face disabilities, some of which are common and some of which are rare.  This leaves a parent worried on so many levels, but for me I was concerned that due to his level of anxiety with changes in schedule, and learning new skills or material, I was not sure how he would react to it.  Would he act up in fear?  Would he refuse? Would the staff know how to handle his needs?  At this point after failed attempts with other social activities, and learning to swim, I felt he really needed the life saving skill to swim, and a positive experience, so that he would grow socially, and be more confident in himself.  I wanted him to feel as confident as I was in him, for himself.  He agreed to try one more time...........

   Evan was both excited and fearful to enter the water on the first day.  He previously was completely unable to stay afloat, and afraid he would drown.  As excellent as I knew his potential was he did not.  He worried about how he looked, and always wore a hat due to patches of hair loss from his long history of anxiety, which included hair picking.  After a warm welcome from Christopher and his team, I noticed something different with Evan.  His fear had melted away and a smile of hope emerged from him as he stepped into the water.  He began with a private lesson to assess his abilities, and provide him the customized support that he needed.  Their patience and support was exactly what my son needed.  He left that day with that same smile he came in with as his toes touched the water.

       As the weeks progressed I saw a complete difference, and many positive changes with my son as he increased his ability to swim.  He became better and better, and soon enough he began to swim on his own.  First in the shallow end, and then as he called it, “The dreaded deep end!” He now can swim laps at a 25 yard pool, moved to a group class, jump into the water, and even swim under water.  Each and every time he goes to a class, his confidence in himself grows more and more.  The highly skilled team at Swimming Past the Boundaries had made such a positive impact on my son it affected him in multiple areas of his life.  For the first time in a long time his hair began to grow in, he had lost excess weight, he was calmer, and began to interact positively with his peers developing friendships.  This was such an exciting time for him, and me as I watched him grow in so many areas.  But it didn’t end there.  Evan had struggled tremendously with his reading abilities in school previously.  I watched as he put more effort into his reading,  with his newly found confidence he gained from swimming class.  He worked hard both in school and at home with me reading more and more.  Now he reads full sentences, and books to me at home, and in school.  There is no end in his confidence in himself and continued success in his life.  There isn’t anything that makes him happier then attending swimming lessons. I have to say, I am truly impressed with Swimming Past the Boundaries, and what they have done, and continue to do for my son.  Evan can now read this entire article, and will do so.  When he does, I want him to know how much I love him, and how proud I am of his success! Thank you Swimming Past the Boundaries!

                                                   Melissa Matos,
                                                   Proud Mom

Special Needs Testimonial

Thanks Christopher I appreciate the information for grant funding for my son's lessons. You and your staff have been great with Braden and William we really are impressed and grateful for your program. Thanks for your help.

Mr. and Mrs Suppa

My daughter Lily was born with a rare genetic disorder called 5p minus syndrome.  We were told she may never walk or communicate or understand basic concepts of living.  Lily may take her time learning things but once she catches on watch out!  Lily started walking at the age of 4.  She is non-verbal, but understands everything!  I was looking for something to get her involved in and the school had sent home a flyer for Swimming Past the Boundaries.  Water is something that Lily loves but I was skeptical that they would be able to communicate with her and get her to understand “how to swim”.


Lily has been going for swimming lessons for a few months and I am so impressed with the ability of the instructor to communicate with her and get her to feel safe.  She has made so much progress and each time we go we see more and more independence in her swimming.  Christopher is amazing, but each instructor she has had has been kind, patient and understanding and they really seem to WANT to help her learn and grow!

Competitive Swim Training:

After just 15 minutes of training with Christopher Bledsoe my son won 1st place! He did extremely well, with Christopher's guidance my son took 46 seconds off his 50 breast and no dq, 15 seconds off of his 100 back 49.96 on 50 fly. 1st race with no dq and he got 1st place.

Swim Testimonial:

Chris and Dan show so much patience with me which I truly appreciate.  They are both wonderful and helping me a great deal with my swimming lessons.  Thank you both.

T Fedele

I am writing on behalf of the abilities of Christopher Bledsoe, an inspiring and extraordinary swimming instructor.

Due to his experience in the water, Christopher has been able to relate to students on all levels. His ability to properly demonstrate techniques to the timid beginner or the advanced practitioner is what makes him one of the most versatile coaches I have ever met. In the water, Christopher is very easy going and knowledgeable. At the same time, he can keep control and a watchful eye on all of the swimmers in the environment. He strives for your success because he knows what it's like for someone who struggles with trying to grasp new swimming concepts.

Out of the water, Christopher is one of the most active and kind individuals I have met. He is always readily available for any issue, whether it is personal or casual and that is why I stick with him as my coach. Lastly, Christopher's experience and involvement with numerous sports shows his athletic passion. I have dealt with some coaches who are passionate about what they're doing and who are not, and I choose someone who is passionate each time!

Overall, it has been a blessing to have Christopher Bledsoe as a coach and a friend and I recommended him to anyone who wants to deepen their swimming practice.

Michael T
-Swimming student
-Tennis and Basketball competitor

New York City

Swim Testimonial

Christopher Bledsoe is the most inspirational, caring, extremely talented swimming instructor I have ever met. He artfully teaches you by metophors and his outstanding example. He makes you feel very comfortable in the water and with your possibilities as a swimmer. His positive attitude is contagious and he makes you feel like you can do anything. He not only teaches you how to swim he also teaches you life lessons. I have learned so much from Christopher in a very short time and I have way more confidence in the water and the journey of swimming after working with him.

I would HIGHLY recommend Christopher Bledsoe for anyone who wants to learn how to swim and swim for life.  He is beyond devoted to what he does: teaching and helping other children, teenagers and adults learn how to swim. I am always excited to take a lesson from him! Simply put I consider him to be one of the best!


Pamela M

Yoga Instructor

New York City

Christopher & his staff are amazing! My kids were so unsure, especially my son & before the 1st lesson they were both in the pool! They can’t wait to go back.

H Boland

Hey Chris, I'm in Dallas and have practice a little 3 of the 5 nights I've been here. And tonight...I Got a nice compliment tonight at the resort fitness pool. A guy who is a really good swimmer and coached his daughters and was there with his wife who was teaching a beginner's adult swim class, was watching me.

He couldn't believe I've only been swimming like this for 2 weeks. He said my form was great and I looked smooth and relaxed. It was nice to hear and was a confidence builder!He also said I must have a good coach to make that quick progress! Thanks and I'll see you Thursday at 6!

Skip M

Special Needs Client


Christopher is an excellent teacher. We had our son take some lessons with him, our son already knew how to swim, was on the swim teams etc. Christopher really improved his strokes. Our son liked that Christopher didn’t yell like his other coaches but we wanted to Christopher to push our son which he didn’t do. Which was ok with me, not my husband. Christopher has a great, gentle nature which works well for special needs kids and he is an excellent swim instructor. I highly recommend!


J Brody

When I called you frantic in March, wanting him to learn to swim by summer so that I could have peace of mind by the pool, I never imagined you would actually be able to!
Thank you! You've turned my 3 year old into a fish!

Kelly M

Hello Christopher, 


My son Nate had a lesson today at 2:30 with Emily and he loved it! He was scared and anxious at first but he warmed up to her as the lesson continued. We would like to continue with the private lessons and would like her to be our instructor. 


We are going to sign up for a month. Does Emily have any availability on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays? 


Thank you for the follow up call, we appreciated it very much!


Thank you, 

K Thitchener

Christopher Bledsoe,



My son, A Mahoney started with swim classes at the Hudson Valley Community Center on September 10, 2016 (over a year ago). When the facility closed for a few months last year, we went to All Sport so that he could continue swimming.  I was so THRILLED when you contacted us and told us that the center would be reopening for swim! I want to let you know how happy we are with you! You are very nice and very organized and such a GREAT teacher! You are an ASSET to the HVCC!!!



We are so happy that the community center offers a wonderful swim program. You have such a wonderful disposition and you can keep the kids calm and focused on the task at hand.  I just wanted to let you know that we are thankful for you and  the swim program and that you are a part of it!!



Thanks for everything!


Hi Christopher, I was very pleased with how my back held up yesterday.  I was impressed with how you eased me back into the water.


Testimonial, Back Injury Client

 Howard Pool

Special Needs Student Testimonial

Christopher it is truly a miracle what you have accomplished with Holden, he has learned to swim in such a short time. Thanks for yesterday it was really amazing seeing him swim in the deep end and wear those goggles. 


M, Mahoney

Great thank you! We are so happy to see Jacob doing so well! Thank you for being such a wonderful instructor !! 

S King

Bank Manager

Saugerties, NY

Hi Christopher, 


I just wanted to say that Victor and Charlie really enjoyed the swimming lessons yesterday and have been asking when they get to go back. I also wanted to thank you for being so patient with Victor after he went under the water and was demonstrating his frustration afterwards. 


I was planning to go ahead and sign them up for another 2 months. We really appreciate you and your swim program. 


Thanks again. 



This is what others are saying about Swimming Past the Boundaries !

Thanks, I feel excited about learning how to swim!
I would like to take 10 private lessons and then do group of 2.
I like to learn from you. I like your teaching technique.
Monday/ Tuesday times are fine.


Poughkeepsie, NY

Special Needs Swim Student Testimonial

Lucas had so much fun at his swim lessons tonight and cant wait until next week! 


A Quontini

Dear Christopher,


I can't thank you enough for your patience and wonderful teaching techniques with my son, Jackson. As you know, Jackson has autism. He was extremely apprehensive about his lesson with you as he had had experience in the past with swim coaches who yelled at him which he had difficulty tolerating.


Your quiet manner was exactly what Jack needed to succeed. He was so proud of himself after the lesson; that's something that I don't see often in Jackson as he has very low self esteem. I can't wait for you to form the Special Olympics team and Jackson definitely wants to participate---I never thought I'd be writing that he WANTS to participate, rather than just sit on the sidelines. He's looking forward to his next lesson.



J Brody

Special Needs Swim Student Testimonial

Hi Chris

Ya beat me- haha i was going to email you and thank you! You were great with Robbie! I am looking forward to the next class! I am sure he is too!!! Yes- that time will work for us... I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and we will see you the following week!

T Daley

Warm Water Yoga Class Testimonials

From the moment I enter the pool, which is the temperature of a warm bath, my body is relaxed and the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off my joints so I'm ready to workout.  Christopher runs through a series of breathing exercises and warm ups and then we work on the poses - a challenge to ones balance in the water, but so much gentler on the body.  The class is equal parts fun and therapeutic.  Highly recommend taking a class with Christopher. You'll leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.  And, maybe make some new friends in the process.


K  Simmons

Swim Testimonial

Right before I met Christopher I was just about to give up on taking swimming lessons. I decided to give the idea one more try and came across Christopher Bledsoe. He totally changed my life! He never had any doubt that I would learn to swim in fact he assured me that I would be swimming in no time. In my 1st lesson I was swimming in the shallow end and learning breast stroke. I highly recommend taking lessons with Christopher, he is really all about teaching you how to swim and not draining your wallet.


I love the private lessons and no distractions, just you and the most amazing swim coach ever! Once a month Christopher and I swim and he continues to work with me and include me in his swim excursions. I can’t say enough great things about Christopher and as I refer to him as “Coach”


Anthony B


Hopewell Junction NY

Swim Testimonial

We have a special needs wonderful child and we could not find anyone that would teach our child that truly understand how to reach our child on her level until we met Christopher Bledsoe. I will never forget meeting Christopher, when we met I told Christopher " I know my child will never learn to swim" and Christopher looked at me and said "I will have your child swimming in less than 4 weeks". I was so impressed and I realized we had lost faith that our child would ever learn to swim but wanted her to at least not be afraid of water. Christopher brought our faith back to the forefront and taught our daughter that she can do anything! I am proud to say she is swimming and loving every second of it! Thanks Christopher!

Stephen D

Marketing Director

Wappingers Falls NY

Swim Testimonial

Christopher Bledsoe is the most OUTSTANDING, organized and patient swimming instructor I have ever met. He is so gentle and kind with the kids even when they are full of energy and yet he takes his time and gives each student equal attention. Also Christopher treats every child the same, he never favors one child over the other and he always teaches each and every student that they are important and they can be the best swimmer that they can be.

Elisha K


Poughkeepsie, NY

Swim Testimonial

As an Adult I thought I would never learn to swim as I had a very horrifying experience of almost drowning many years ago. I vowed I would never go near a swimming pool again however Christopher was so encouraging to me and he even scheduled me for a lesson and closed all other lanes of the pool so that I would not be distracted. That meant so much to me and Christopher taught me to just sit in the shallow end and relax and talk. This allowed me to understand that I could get back in a pool and enjoy the shallow end. True to who Christopher is I was swimming in less than 3 weeks.

I now swim in the ocean...yes that right the OCEAN during the summer! Thanks Christopher! Now I can swim with my wife in the ocean and it is one of our favorite things to do.

Kevin P


Walden, NY

Swim Testimonial

Before I met Christopher my son took lessons with a swim company and they had different instructors and the assessment of my child was all over the place. Christopher gave my son one lesson and totally brought out the best in him! He gave me an assessment that my son should join a swim team! He demonstrated to me all of the fine qualities that my child exhibited. I am very happy to have finally found a true swim instructor that is kind and patient and really cares about teaching lessons and not just about making money.

Mary J

School Teacher

Poughkeepsie NY

I have to say from a parents standpoint you really want an instructor that really cares about your child. I have to say I have never met a more patient person than Christopher. I have witnessed him have one child on his hip, another child safely out of the water, while helping another child learn proper safety.

Christopher has an art about him that I have not seen at any other swim school. He really knows how to reach the student on a level they understand. While he is gentle he always enforces water safety rules and the kids totally respect him. He really cares about the students and all the parents love him.

Jane B

Office Manager

Fishkill, NY

If you know anything about special needs kids, you would know they are very straightforward and speak their mind. Sometimes speaking your mind can cause hurt feelings. Christopher has a brilliant way of harmonizing with my special needs child. I have to say I was nervous at first as I thought my child would be too much for Christopher as no other swim instructor has worked out.


Christopher met my child on his level and now my child is a proud swimmer. Christopher teaches each and every child that their uniqueness is what makes them special and that is something to be celebrated as only you can be the best you. My son LOVES his classes.

Betty J

Social Worker

Pougkeepsie, NY

Simply put Christopher is the best instructor I have ever met. He treats each child the same and let me tell you that is not something you can say about most swim schools. I love his methods of teaching the kids to dive and swim without creating any splashes. The kids love going to swim lesson as Christopher makes it fun! Its almost as if the kids do not know their taking a lesson because they are having so much fun.

Kelly T

Business Owner

Newburgh, NY

If you are looking for the best and a very well organized swim school, look no further than Swimming Past the Boundaries. Christopher has done so much for us. He allowed us to rent the entire pool for lessons with our whole family. I really appreciated the personal attention and having no one else around but us and our instructor. Thanks Christopher!

Brad P

Life Coach

New Jersey

If you are looking for the best swim coach in the Hudson Valley then call Christopher at and let me tell you a lot of swim companies say they are the best however Christopher really cares about teaching you how to swim and swim for life. He is not interested in draining your wallet. He will teach you as fast or as slow as you want to go.

I really felt a huge difference in taking lessons with Christopher he is my true coach and coach for life. I am certainly a better swimmer since I met Christopher and once a month we swim together, now tell me how many coaches do that for there students?

Ron G


Saugerties, NY

Simply put, there is no instructor like Christopher. His skills are captivating and he constantly encourages you and helps you fix any issues. I love his method of "Swim with the water not against it" How true! It has made me a much better swimmer and I do not use as much energy! Thanks Christopher

Joyce G

Antique Dealer

Saugerties, NY

Here is what others are saying about my Aqua Yoga Classes


M Metzger

The warm water made this class a comforting way to spend an hour in a friendly class with Christopher. A passionate and supportive teacher, Christopher made each participant feel comfortable regardless of her yoga experience. I appreciated the minimal stress on my joints thanks to the water's buoyancy. A good addition to my self care!

Sent from Warm Water Yoga

Thank you for a lovely first class! I look forward to more when I return in December. Warmly, M Metzger


Warm Water Yoga Class Testimonials

From the moment I enter the pool, which is the temperature of a warm bath, my body is relaxed and the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off my joints so I'm ready to workout.  Christopher runs through a series of breathing exercises and warm ups and then we work on the poses - a challenge to ones balance in the water, but so much gentler on the body.  The class is equal parts fun and therapeutic.  Highly recommend taking a class with Christopher. You'll leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.  And, maybe make some new friends in the process.


K  Simmons


I'm enjoying it a lot!

I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next meet up.

Josie M

It was a fun relaxing class , can’t wait for the next one!

Stacey King

Mary J

Nice comfortable environment, step by step process.

Ingrid S

Very relaxing,interesting experience. will go back again.

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